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From: Jay roberts
Subject: "Farm jovenes lolitas drivers webcam Boy Rub Off"As I always say, and some of you do not listen, scram if you are under
eighteen, stay and rub off if you are over.JR's real name was Joseph Gaines, but that was he pop's name so like many
southern kids, they get called Junior or JR.JR is sixteen. He lives in Arkansas. His area is full of small family
chicken farms. The population of Westerburg is only 4000. JR's friends
all seem to look similar, straw colored straight blond hair, cornflower
blue eyes, smooth cheeks, hairless bodies from their Scotch-Irish-English
heritage. Almost all were cousins or related in some way.The major problem for the boys of Westerburg was sex, that is the lack of
it. Girls in this strict old time religious area were guarded by their
fathers. No boy could get within ten feet of them, let alone having sex.
Consequently the boys were horny to distraction top 50 lolita kids and would hump a fence post
if they could.There arrived on the horizon relief for them in the form of JR who first
approached Dudley. Dudley was a burley football captain. JR always wanted
to be Dudley's friend, he was, after all, the leader of the pack and much
admired for his muscles and football prowess.One day Dudley was russian lolita movies forums walking home from school along the dusty road to his
farm. JR hurried out of the door and caught up with him. JR prattled away
trying to find something to say that would be of interest to his hero.
Dudley hurried. It almost looked like he was trying to get away from JR.
JR in desperation asked, "Do you get top 50 lolita kids horny a lot."That did it. It caught the bulkier boy's attention. "Do I get horny, what
with all the cunts locked up here, yeah I get horny enough to drive me
plumb crazy. Why do you ask?" he said suspiciously."Well I asked because if you want I can rub you off.""What ya mean rub off?""You know rub your pee pee until it spits.""Now that might be nice." Dudley didn't hold with messing with guys
exceptin' when his desires overcame him like that time at the county fair
piss tent where a man sucked him off. He remembered the pretty guy was
delighted that he had a hoodie on his woodie. He wasn't sure what he meant
but he made him powerfully happy with that wet mouth and tongue."We could try it out now. My barn is right ahead."Inside the barn it was stifling hot. Dudley asked what he should do.
"Just drop your overalls, haul it out and I'll rub. But remember that is
all I do. I'm not one of those fairy boys, nothing else but tiny lolita pussy pictures a rub off."Dudley agreed. He pulled out his not unsubstantial hooded cock (all boys
were intact hereabouts.) Sean reached out and took aholt of the now
firming organ. "It's a nice one Dudley. Real neat long hanging cover."Dudley thanked him in a choked voice. "Aren't you going to stroke it now.
I'll starting to boil over with wantin' it."JR moved right up to Dudley and began a nice slow stroke. The same stroke
that got him off each night. Dudley was now moaning and his body was
shaking. "Good, good. Keep it up friend. Oh, oh, take me home boy. I'm
about to....." He never finished his sentence as be began thrusting his
hips wildly and shouting out a sing song cum chant. JR found that every
guy was different. Some never said a word, only their faces choked up and
got fire red, some almost passed out and JR had to grab them as they dint
fall down.After awhile Dudley said, "You are good at that. I may need it again, when
things get too hard so as if I am going nuts. By the way, ya know William
on the team, my friend. I think he may need a rub off.""Sure," said JR, "I don't mind."Well, Dudley was what you might call the Alpha boy in town. If he used
JR's attentions, then it was not only OK with the others but something you
had to go.During the next few months almost every teenager in town managed to get
with JR and enjoy his ministrations. JR got better and better. Each
experience was different. Take the second time, with Dudley's friend
William. As he was rubbing William, William reached for JR's overall fly
and tried to open the buttons. "Hey," shouted JR, "I don't go for that
queer stuff. Keep your hands to yerself or I will stop the rub."His customers soon learned that JR got off each time he rubbed off another
kid. But he wanted to do it himself. As the boy was coming down from his
cum high, JR would turn his back out of delicacy and rub himself off
quickly. It was mighty amazing how quickly he could do that but the secret
was that as he brought to boy along, he was keeping up with him in nearly
cumming hisself.Mark was a great experience for JR. Mark came like no other kid JR had
rubbed before. When it was time for Mark to reach his peak, he began to
shake, spittle came on his lips, his eyes rolled back so that only the
white showed and he shook like an earth quake was inside him. JR got
scared. He thought he had broken something in the boy but Mark said it was
always that for him. Maybe sometime he might get a heart attack.Travis, one of JR's faithful customer asked if he could break his younger
brother to JR. Travis explained that the twelve year old cub couldn't get
the hang of it and that he, 'needed a specialist.'JR said, "Sure, I don't mind helping the lil piglet."The boy showed up with Travis, watched his brother yelp with pleasure that
made him real hard and pointy. He stepped up to JR, dropped his overalls
and pushed his hairless nubbin at JR. nude bikini lolitas photo JR took the smallish rod with two
fingers very gently because this was a tender yougin. He began a slow
short stroke. The kid began to newl and cry. JR stopped. "You okay?"
The boy assured him that he was more than Okay and if JR didn't go back to
what he was doing, he might die of waiting. Again the boy began his cum
drama. JR figured everyone is different. Sure enough the boy almost fell
down as some thin watery cum dripped down his lil peter.Travis rushed over to his brother. He slapped the boy's face to get him to
come to. "Damn, he had his first wet cum. JR young preteens lolita nude you are a boon to man."There was a gas station on the state highway. They sold candy and ice
cream as well. JR trod the two miles to get to it this night. By the time
he reached the door he had developed a mighty desire to pee. It was so bad
that a few drops had escaped and wet his pants.He ran in, took the key from door and went around the back, hunched over in
pee pain. He unlocked the door. There was no urinal here, just two
booths. He entered one booth, shuck his overalls by shrugging them off.
They fell in a puddle at his feet. He never wore underwear, just more to
wash. He stood there naked, sighing in pleasure as his young heavy yellow
stream splashed noisily against the back of the bowl."That's a nice one son," said a grown up sort of voice from the next
booth.""Yeah, when I pee it's a miracle of nature.""No I mean your cock. It's a beauty."JR stayed silent. He was no used to guys making an approach to him, but
then the lad in the booth said the magic words, "I'm so horny. Come in
here."JR found a very nice looking, very big cocked boy of about eighteen
standing there. He asked "Do you want me to rub you off.""Wha?," said the kid. "I guess so, for a start."JR reached his hand out and grasped the guy's cock. Sighing sounds filled
the booth. "That's nice."JR used his countywide famous rubbing techniques but the guy moaned and
moaned but never produced any juice.Finally the lad put his hand on the rubbing hand of JR. "This rubbing may
be hot for your sixteen year old friends but I cannot come this way. I need
a hot mouth or a hot ass."JR was appalled at the suggestion but he found that he had reached a high
level of excitement. He liked this boy. He wanted him to be satisfied, in
short to cum and cum hard."I never put lolita girl nude links
a mouth on a cock in my life. It may be too queer.""Look, I young lolicon girl 3d am just passing through. I don't know you and I don't know anyone
in town. It will our secret. Now kneel down and try just a quick lick."JR knelt down, and leaned forward and touched the now red angry organ. It
seemed to have a nice taste. He let it move into his mouth, then on into
his throat. The feeling was better than when he rubbed someone. He really
felt that he was doing something more exciting for the person not to
mention how it was driving him to frenzy. He began to really suck. The
guy was going nuts. "Oh you are a good cock sucker. Keep going. I'll be
over the edge soon."JR was proud at the compliments the guy was giving him. He had learned a
new skill. He continued slurping until......suddenly he felt an explosion
in his pants. His cock had reached the limit it could stand and began
pulsating shots of cum unto the stall floor.JR began to lose interest in continuing his new talent. He began to stand
up. "What the fuck are you doing. You can't stop now and leave me hung
up. If you don't want to suck, then bend over the toilet and I'll fuck
you. You'll love it."He didn't wait for JR to agree, the strong man grabbed him and pushed him
down over the bowl. He spit on his cock and drove it into JR's totally
innocent hole. "Aw, Oh, shit, that hurts bad."The guy ignored him. "Hell you have the greatest ass. Your virgin I can
feel it. What a turn on."Though JR was still feeling stuffed like Christmas Turkey he was pleased
that the guy liked his ass and he began to feel a strange glow in said ass
as the steady sliding of the large penis began to rub him, but inside. He
began to mewl like a calf, feeling wonderful things happening. Sudden he
shrieked "Ye gods and little fishes, I coming, coming very big."His newly used ass hole spasmed mightily and the guy above him began to
croon in pleasure. "Oh you hot boy, you are getting to me, my balls are
spinning." Then he cried out and froze. Then JR felt pulsations as he
began shooting like a milk cow into JR's sore ass, cooling it with balm.The guy wasn't really country nice thought JR as he pushed JR out of the
way and bolted out the door without even a handshake or a thanks. "Must be
a city person," he thought.Back home, the next day he sought out Dudley who was his first and greatest
booster. "Dudley, I have something else now besides rubbing you off. I
can suck. And I am very excellent at it. You want to try."Dudley agreed immediately. This was too good to be true. JR was better
than that guy at the fair. He really took his time and used his tongue.
Dudley enjoyed the biggest cum of his life and could speak for several
minutes let alone catch his breath. "That's a mighty talent JR. We should
keep this to ourselves. You know, jes you and me.""Well," said JR scratching his beardless face. "I think it's too good not
to share. And the best part is that I also know how to fuck.'Dudley stood amazed at the change in JR's menu. He grabbed him around the
shoulders and gave him a manly hug. JR liked that and hugged back but he
was anxious to rub himself off.Dudley passed the word. There was now almost a line waiting for JR after
school. Some other kids got jealous of his popularity and they began
sucking and rubbing. The girls in town wondered why they weren't asked for
dates now.JR decided that the time had come to deploy his other weapon. He met with
Dudley in the barn and dropped his overalls and bent over, his white smooth
ass, which rivaled any girls, in the air. Dudley got naked quickly before
the boy could change his lolita bbs board 6 mind. "Yu want me to stick it in?""Yeah but use this butter from my hand and rub it on your thing. That'll
ease it in."Dudley was blind with anticipation and lust. Perhaps he was too quick and
rough in sliding his cock into that hot as Hades hole. He began crying out
in excitement. In about a minute he convulsed and shot his sperm into the
waiting depth of JR's ass.JR stood up appraising the performance. "Well I'm not an expert, only had
one other fuck, but you gotta control yourself and go slower. That would
be better for you and me also. lolitas non nude galleries
Don't tell anyone about our fucking. Let's
work on it until we get it right. OK?""Yeah, that's good with me. Can we start working on it right now?"
EndI love these boys, so good, so innocent so ready to sex up. I hope this
met your expectations....Jay
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